About Us

Hello Friends, Family, Neighbor, Client and Potential Customer,

My name is Pamela and I am really happy you are here.  Like really glad! Because of you I get to take care of this store everyday.  How did MomMe and More begin? Well because of Walt Disney World. Let me explain... I wanted to take my family to Walt Disney World but working part-time in the insurance industry did not allow any extra money for a vacation and certainly not a vacation that costs about as much as a used car!  So I started selling items online through Ebay to save for the trip.  It took three years but I eventually saved enough money and we took an amazing vacation to Disney World.  After that I knew I wanted to continue my ecommerce adventure and since I was pretty much born wearing matching outfits with my twin sister, selling matching clothes just felt right.

MomMe And More is a convenient shopping experience for busy moms like you when it's hard to leave the house.  Place an order and within 2-3 days you will receive your items. Tracking is included so you can watch every step of the delivery process.

When you see the name "MomMe And More" please think about the word "more" and realize you are more important than you know. Take a break from buying everything for your children and get something special just for you like a dress, tunic or cute pair of leggings. Too many times we just don't treat ourselves special, and we should!

I think what really makes the difference in a pleasant shopping experience is customer service.  I want all my client's to be happy with their purchases.  If you want an exchange or return just send the item back for a full refund.  If you have any questions, please ask.  I truly want this shopping experience to be easy and fun for you and your little one.  Plan a fun day that you will wear your special outfits, maybe to the zoo, a wedding or just a walk in the park.  Anything you do, cherish your time together because it goes very fast.

Thank you for visiting my store. I look forward to earning your business.

Pamela J.

MomMe And More  (989) 906-4757