How to Raise Twin Girls With Individual Identities!

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How to Raise Twin Girls With Individual Identities!

How to Raise Twin Girls With Individual Identities!
Having a twin sister is amazing!  I know, I have one!  There are so many blessings to having a twin sister.  Right from birth you have a best friend for life.  A confidant to tell your secrets to and share your hopes and dreams.  A friend to share clothes, makeup, ideas, ups and downs, good times and bad.  And the good times far out way the bad. But there are times in life when having a twin sister can be frustrating to prove your own identity and be seen as "you" vs "one of the twins".  Even though you and your twin are very much aware of you own identity, many people see twins as one person.  Especially if you are identical twins.
If you're new parents to twin girls or expecting twin girls here are few ideas on how to raise twin girls with their own individual identities.  First consider the names you will give your babies. Do you want similar names like Jayla and Kayla or do you want your girls to have a more individual name like Emma and Mia that don't rhyme.  Either decision is perfectly fine but something to consider and give some time and consideration.  If the names are too similar will people mix them up often? Will calling a twin by the other's name help to create their own individual identity or create inconspicuity? 
Another way to help your twin daughters develop their own identities is to embrace and encourage specific personality traits as they grow and mature.  If one of your daughters likes drawing, reading or art encourage her natural interest with a book about Monet or Piccaso or enroll her in an art class.  If your other daughter is athletic and likes sports enroll her in a team sport like basketball or baseball
The important thing to remember is to encourage both of your children in an equally positive attitude.  Children are very intuitive and will know if parents prefer the child that is more involved in one or the other activity. 
Fashion is another area to consider. Having twin girls means dressing them alike, right?  Many people are on the fence about this as it does encourage people to view twins as one person (heck they are dressed the same!).  In my experience dressing twins alike (sometimes) is a good thing.  A very good thing! MomMe And More Boutique has a huge selection of matching twin fashions. You're twins are special and it's okay to embrace how incredible and amazing they are and of course, everyone loves to see twins dresses alike. They will received a lot of compliments and this will help to develop positive self esteem. Another very good thing! 
You can take a clue from your daughter's personalities on this topic.  Maybe they absolutely love the attention they get when dressed as twins, maybe they don't.  You will know from your twins if they enjoy dressing alike or want nothing to do with it.  Another option is to purchase fashions that are the same style but different colors or similar patterns but not exactly alike.  My mother chose this option for me and my twin sister and we both have very individual personalities while still receiving many compliments, praise and positive comments when dresses similar.  
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In conclusion having twin girls is such a special and amazing life changing experience.  Embrace the miracle, encourage your daughters and enjoy the journey. 
Do you have any suggestions on how to raise twin daughters with their own individual identities? Drop us a note and share your ideas. 
Mommy and Me Blessings 

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