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Best Mommy and Me Fashions Boutique Matching Outfits

tamaracameraphotoAD - I always wanted a daughter, and to be honest, part of it was that I saw us dressing alike. I’m happy to say that it totally happened. From red pea coats to our true favorite – LEGGINGS – we like to twin. This is a big way we bond. Another way is that we both love to read. She’s my girl! What can I say? We’re in love with @mom.meandmore clothing. From our leggings to our shirts, the rich colors and fun designs suit us. I love that we get so many smiles when we go out in public like this! #mommymeandmore#motherandaughter #motherdaughter#fotofluencefamily #howcutearewe#fashion

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Step By Step Instructions How To Wear Leggings as Capri

Step By Step Instructions on How to Wear Full Length Leggings as Capri   It's July 2018 and Summer is in full swing.  Wishing you could wear your amazing MomMe And More leggings? You Can!  Did you know you can wear any full length leggings as capri length?  I know you are super excited right now! Me too! I LOVE capri length leggings.  They have so many benefits including: The overall look of capris tends to be super trendy They are playful, whimsical and sexy with heals They look fabulous with booties, which are still very trendy They are more associated with fun and style They are acceptable in many office dress codes on casual Friday They keep you cooler...

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Mommy Moment Supporting Women in Business Featuring Angie Doede of Younique

  Here's what Angie says about being a Woman in Business:  I feel so lucky to support and promote one of the best premium-quality beauty companies in the world.  I remember the first time I fell in love with Younique—and now, admittedly, I’m a little envious that you get to experience the joy of discovering these amazing cosmetics and skin care products. Not only do I love Younique—I LIVE Younique! As a Younique Presenter, I’m afforded the freedom and luxury of being able to set my own hours and spend more time with family and friends. I actually just wore this cold shoulder shirt and leggings from MomMe And More out with some friends for drinks. I also enjoy helping ladies, like...

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