The Twins Go To Town Christmas Shopping And It's a Really Big Deal!

The Twins Tam & Pam

When you hear the words "let's go to town Christmas shopping" it might not mean much in today's internet world where you can get anything you need with the click of a button.  The selection of Christmas gifts are amazing but it wasn't always like this.  See my twin sister and I lived in rural northern Michigan and hearing these words "we're going Christmas shopping" was truly a magical moment that only happened once a year.  We would put on our best outfits (see pic above) with anticipation of this magical journey into town (Beaverton, MI).  I can still remember the feeling to this day. So much excitement to go shopping at a small department store in a very small town!  In my 7 year old mind this was huge!  Think New York 5th Avenue.  We spent hours pouring through the toy catalog, making Christmas lists and deciding the best Christmas gifts to buy. Tammi wanted a barbie doll.  I wanted a Baby Alive.... more on that later...
Even as infants our mother loved to dress us up in matching Christmas outfits (see pic above).  Imagine how much fun she would have had mixing and matching to create adorable Christmas outfits from MomMe And More?  Just look at all these trendy Christmas printed Leggings. What is your favorite Holiday pattern?
We loved our matching outfits so much we even wore matching pajamas.  These matching Christmas pajamas. from MomMe And More remind me of being a kid on the farm on Christmas morning, running down stairs and seeing all the presents under the tree. It was sensational! Our pj's came with matching pajamas for our dolls and yes we did get those Baby Alive dolls and barbies and guitars and I guess we were spoiled...a little!   
It wasn't all about about shopping and gifts (but what kid doesn't love Christmas presents, right?) we also did a lot of baking.  With ten kids my mom was always baking. But there was just something magical about her Christmas sugar cookies. I have to share this Christmas cookie recipe with you because you will love them and they are so easy.  Give this sugar cookie recipe a try this Holiday season. It's the best!
What do you love most about Christmas? Shopping, wrapping gifts, baking cookies, spending time with family? Do you have a fond memory you want to share? Drop a comment below and remember when you do your Christmas shopping this year support small business in a not-so-small internet world. For great gift ideas visit
Until next time Twin "A"

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