Twin A: Twin Wedding Fashion Ideas from MomMe And More

This past weekend I attended a beautiful wedding for my nephew and his happy bride.  I started to ponder the many weddings I have attended and even participate in.  Let me tell you, it's been dozens!  See, my sister and I are the youngest of 10 children (I know, crazy, but fun!).  We have attended weddings our entire lives from formal to non-traditional, country barn to destination vineyard. We loved them all.  Pictured above we are all dressed up for my sister's wedding (happily married still today).  Wedding fashion styles sure have changed over the years but one thing has not, matching outfits.  I can still remember the feel of our hand-made matching ponchos. We felt so pretty and important.  Isn't it great when a piece of clothing can make you feel so special. I am sure my mother made them for us. She loved to crochet and ponchos are still popular today.  These shimmering sequin ponchos from MomMe And More are perfect to dress up your wedding outfit or make a light shawl for a cool evening walking the beach on your honeymoon (just reminiscing here).
MomMe And More has an entire line of Wedding Elegant Fashions to wear to a wedding or whenever you want to feel special.  How elegant are these lace printed leggings?  
Are you planning a Western Country Themed Wedding?  Check out these fun Horse printed leggings that are perfect for your Bachelorette Party and are a great gift idea for your bridal party.  They even have children's horse printed leggings for your flower girls. Imagine the fun you can have line dancing at your local country tavern. Hey, who doesn't need a fun girl's night out?
Maybe you're planning a traditional elegant wedding. White dress, flowers, linen table cloths, the all-important wedding song. There's just so much to plan but it all starts with finding your perfect wedding dress. Call up your mom and your soon to be mother-in-law, your sisters and bridal party and plan the perfect day to go wedding dress shopping.  How fun if everyone is wearing matching outfits on such a wonderful day.  Take a look at a few from the Elegant Collection from MomMe And More.
Do you need a gift for your photographer, musicians, singer or wedding planner?  These printed leggings make a perfect "Thank You" gift. 
No matter what Wedding theme you are planning just remember this special day is your special day.  You deserve to have the wedding of your dreams. The ceremony I attended this past weekend was non-traditional but it was a beautiful wedding. The vows were personal and heartfelt.  The venue was engaging and elegant and the bride and groom where truly happy.  That's what is important. Planning the wedding day is fun and exciting but nurturing the marriage is like a roller coaster.  Sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down but you're always on that ride together.  A wonderful journey for two people starting life together.  Enjoy the ride!
Until next week~ Twin "A"

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