Twin A: Twin Fall Birthday Party ideas and Matching Fashions From MomMe And More

 Celebrating Our October Birthday (Twin "A" on Left)

Happy Wednesday guys!  As I wipe away a little tear for summer gone by I’m gearing up big time to embrace fall sports, pumpkin lattes and Michigan color tours.  What, you haven’t looked at the calendar lately?  Well school’s in session, the trees are blushing and fall activities are kicking in high gear.  The changing of the seasons always reminds me of our childhood, celebrating our birthday, picking and canning vegetables from the garden and fall comfort foods. My mother would make the most amazing comfort fall foods.  Stews, roasts and her specialty, Pies. She was a master Pie Maker and I think her Pumpkin Pie was my favorite (I've been eating it since I was a baby, see pic above). I have to share her pie crust recipe with you because you won't believe how easy it is.  This recipe is the best pie crust recipe you will ever taste. Trust me! Try it for yourself.  



I just love this time of year when everything cools down and I can snuggle back into my leggings in full force, cozy up in a sweater and binge on Netflix! (shhh don't tell my husband). Every time I wear these pumpkin printed leggings I can almost taste my mom's pumpkin pie! She has passed away now but the amazing woman that she was still lives on in me and my sisters.



Of course my son has taken after me and shares my sweet tooth.  We plan our weekend activities around food (who doesn't?) What will we grill, is sweet corn ready yet and what snacks will we eat during the game?  He likes basketball, I prefer football.  One thing I do know is I'll be wearing my sport printed leggings (from MomMe And More). They have footballs, soccer, basketball and baseball printed leggings (all available in mommy and me too). Every time I step out in these someone asks me "where did you find those adorable leggings, they are sooo cute".  What's so great is they work with any team so just throw on your favorite jersey and head to the tailgate party in style.





Well time to get in one last walk of the evening. Days are getting shorter and before you know it snow will be flying (I know, swear word, SNOW).  So throw on your walking shoes, the best black leggings ever from MomMe And More, a sweatshirt and enjoy the Fall weather.  

Until Next Week....

Twin "A" ~ Pamela


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