Twin A: The Twins Celebrate Halloween & Cute Costume Ideas


Twins A & B Clown Costumes!

Boo!!!  Did I scare anyone?  I hope so cause it’s Halloween in this neck of the woods and it's time for carving pumpkins, working up the world’s best costume (can you top the year we went as frozen twin clowns? see pic above) trick-or-treating and gobbling up yummy goodies!  When we were kids most years we made homemade Halloween costumes, which we LOVED! We spent weeks planning, creating and finding the perfect costumes. Of course no one ever saw these perfect costumes as they were buried under winter coats and boots!  Don't tell me Global warming isn't real but that's another blog!  Today you can jump on Pinterest and find amazing Halloween costume ideas. Just take a look at these cute Halloween printed leggings from MomMe And More.


 Pumpkin Skull Leggings, Skeleton Leggings, Happy Pumpkin Leggings

Halloween Collection from MomMe And More

I love all that the Fall season has to offer.  The changing of the seasons, the crispy mornings, leaves spiraling down, it brings on nostalgia from childhood and remembering all the years celebrating Halloween with my twin sister on the farm. 

Living in the country in Michigan there were no subdivisions. No running from house to house to collect mounds of candy.  We collected our prized sugar loot from a select few neighbors and friends, all the while hoping to score that elusive full-sized-candy-bar!  Every single piece of candy was precious. For us girls candy was a treasure which carried much bargaining power for weeks to come.  Who remembers trading candy like it was money?  

Sadly, as with all life’s pleasures, it was over all too soon.  In the daylight of Halloween’s morning after, the decorations looked a little less exciting, the pumpkins a little partied out, their creepy grins looking a little less scary.  And even if we were all a bit subdued knowing it was over for another year, we couldn't wait to start planning next year's Halloween costumes.  

What was your favorite childhood Halloween costume?  Do you prefer homemade or store bought costumes?  Do you have any unique twin costume ideas?  Drop a comment and share your story.  

Until next time, Twin "A" saying Happy Halloween. Be safe and cherish this time.

Pamela, Twin "A"


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