Twin A: Childhood Farm Life & Twin Farm Fashions

There it is~ The Family Farm~ Beaverton, MI.  That's our childhood home, Twin "A" and Twin "B" aka Pam and Tam, "The Babies".  Boy did we have fun growing up on this farm.  We spent hours outside playing games, riding bikes and make believe our bikes were horses, straw was a nest, rocks were eggs.  We are the last generation to grow up without internet and honestly, I'm really glad for this time in my life.  Many kids today are missing active play running and jumping without screens. I think this has enhanced my life and having these memories to share with my twin sister makes them all the better.  Just look how adorable we are in our matching twin dresses....
We loved wearing matching twin fashions and playing make believe.  Which was so easy on a big farm with lots of room to run and play.  We had dogs, cats, chickens, and cows!  Hundreds of cows and I was scared to death of every one of them! Who isn't?  What I always wanted was a horse but my father said horses and cows don't mix!  He was right but at every opportunity to ride a horse I took it.  I would have loved these adorable horse printed leggings from MomMe And More.  Imagine how cute we would have been in matching western outfits!
I never did get that pony and but that's ok. Today I prefer my puppy Apple, picking up the phone, calling my sister and every time the conversation starts "remember when we were little"  we end up dying of laughter.  I wouldn't trade it for anything. 
What childhood memories do you fondly remember? Did you grow up on a farm or in the country? Do you have a twin sister in your life who cracks you up and can make any day better with just a phone call? Give us a comment and share your story.
Until next time, Twin "A", down on the farm in Memory Lane.

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