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Hey happy Wednesday guys!  Cute pic huh?   Yes that’s me, Baby “A”, or as I was later christened, Pamela Sue.  I love that shot, and I love being a twin, but more on that in a minute.  

So, over the weekend I went to a beautiful baby shower for my friend pregnant with twins (ironically). She had been searching for the perfect outfit for her baby shower and, of course, we hooked her up with this gorgeous stork printed dress. She was just stunning in it and really truly had that beautiful pregnancy glow. 

Stork Dress


Attending her baby shower got me to thinking about what being a twin is all about.  It’s a lot, trust me, so I thought how awesome would it be to share all my little thoughts and occasional big ones, with the wide world out there.  Lucky you, huh?

Up front let me just say I’m not an identical twin and actually my twin sister and I do not look alike at all, but yes we’re still twins, I’m twin “A” and my “little” sister Tammi is twin “B”, six minutes apart she's the baby of our family.  Our first picture from the hospital is the two of us swaddled lying next to one another with little hand written cards saying “A “and “B”, like what, we were so oven fresh we didn’t even have names yet?  Did we sneak up on my mom?  Yes!  She actually found out she was going to have twins when she as 8 months pregnant!  Wow! How would you feel if that happened to you?

 Fall Printed Leggings

As you’d guess, mom tried dressing us alike but the fashions sure were different back in the 70s.  Matching twin outfits sure have improved since then like these gorgeous fall printed leggings (pictured above). I remember mom doing our hair alike, matching outfits, and all that cuteness. I loved it, Tammi hated it, Miss Independent.  As we grew up of course we tried as hard as possible to be our own person but honestly there was always a part of me that really loved the matching bit and oh boy, when my daughter was born did we have fun. 

Music Printed Leggings

Shopping for mommy and me outfits was so fun.  I just loved spending time with my “mini-me”.  Family trips, parties, vacations, concerts.  Boy do I wish we had these music note leggings at that time. (Pictured Above) And, believe it or not, even Independent Tammi and her little girl wear matching outfits occasionally. They are so cute together.  And really isn’t that what it is all about anyway, being together and having fun.  Making memories.  So if you’re a twin, always wanted to be a twin, are pretending to be a twin (bet someone is) here’s hoping you can find a little happiness each week here at Twin “A.”  I’ll give you the good the bad, the ugly, but mostly the lovely wonderful world of two against the world! 

‘Til next time, live beautiful in matching outfits, worry less and cherish this time!




  • ROse

    What a great story. How fun it must be to have a twin, no wonder you love to sell matching outfits so everyone can get in on the ‘twin" fun. Love your line of clothing, best leggings ever, soft and so so comfortable! And your tops and dresses are adorable. I’ll be ordering more, for sure!

  • Dawn Jackoviak

    What a precious picture of you and Tammi! Nice article. So proud of both of you!

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